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Parent Groups

The School Council and Parents Association

Our active School Council and James Gibbons Parents Association ensure that learning outcomes are enhanced with a variety of Field Trips, Special Guest Presenters and School Events. School Council and Parent Association meetings are open to all parents and we always look forward to increasing parent involvement.

The School Council

The School Council is a group of parents, a teacher, the principal, and community members who work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the entire school community and, thereby, enhance student learning. As an advisory body, the school council facilitates cooperation among all those who have an interest in the programs and policies of the school.


The Parents Association

The Parents Association of James Gibbons, the school fundraising organization, works closely with the School Council to identify projects to support, financially. Membership on the executives cross both groups. The money raised by the Parents Association is used to help fund Field Trips, school events as well as library books and other school resources.  Parents Association of James Gibbons meetings are held immediately before each School Council meeting.